USI-Tech Bitcoin Latest News And Updates

USI Tech news and updates

USI-Tech Bitcoin Latest News And Updates

Check back frequently for all the latest updates and news.


News Update October 7th – from USI-Tech Founders

Here it is… the new product announcement and we will get even more details on October 28th!
This is the really exciting news a lot of us have been waiting for!
NOTE: Please feel free to pass this onto your referrals and anyone else you think might like to know…
This is the text of the attached PDF sent out from the founders:
2017-10-17 USI-TECH Press Release
At USI-TECH, we are committed to ensuring that our customers and representatives have the most transparent and accurate information. We are committed to this even if we make a mistake and have to come back with correct and updated information. We will always have transparency with our partners.
It was recently stated that we had entered a strategic mining contract to acquire over $70 million dollars worth of mining equipment. That information was accurate and correct.
During that statement, the name “Bitfury” was mentioned and that information was not accurate or correct.
So, in order to clarify, USI-TECH has entered a mining contract for $70
million. This was entered into under an NDA with a strategic partner. This contract also allows us to expand and take in additional equipment. This contract is for AMD RX GPUs or Nvidia P106/1060 GPUs which are used to mine Etherium, Etherium Classic, Z Cash, Dash, Monero, and other GPU based coins. The partnership we have established allows us the capability of using a proprietary algorithm which mines the most profitable coin each day and then settles into Etherium in our mining pool.
Although the Mining contract and partnership are strategic and confidential by nature, we will be able to provide complete transparency to our customers and distributors at our event October 28th. Here we will release our USI Tech branded Etherium pool which will show openly on the blockchain the track record of mining and amount of Etherium USI-TECH mines on a daily basis.
USI-TECH is excited to take a strong position in the GPU mining market as well.
In addition to all these updates, USI-TECH has some additional exciting announcements coming very soon regarding additional strategic partnerships that are already in place that will allow USI-TECH to participate in the Asics and Bitcoin mining markets as well.
USI-TECH Founders
So as mentioned above, a lot of us will be quite excited in anticipation of more details being revealed in the London anniversary meeting on October 28th. How this will work and specific details will be revealed there that will allow us to add to the already excellent products (looking at you Bitcoin!) we have and are building substantial income from. EVERYONE is earning with USI-Tech, that is what makes it so special. Stay tuned!
 USI-Tech Bitcoin


News Update September 7th – from USI-Tech Service Team

This was the latest exciting news released from the service team.


Dear Partner,

Omar Miller, star of HBO’s hit series “BALLERS,” will be making a special guest appearance at USI-TECH LIVE!

Miller is a globally recognized star of stage and screen as well as the creative force behind the production of commercials, podcasts, and independent films.

We can’t wait to hang out with him and learn the secrets behind his success!

2017 continues to be a stellar year for USI-TECH and, like this announcement shows, we’re not about to let it end without a celebration…


You know our Bitcoin packages that offer a 140% return on capital? Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

We’ll be revealing some BIG announcements at USI-TECH LIVE… we’re talking customer service & platform enhancements, new products & programs, and a new company-wide marketing program that does the recruiting for you.

Unfortunately, we have to keep most of it under lock and key for now. But maybe a sneak peek into the marketing program we’ve developed wouldn’t hurt…

Here’s what you have to look forward to with that:

  • It will be REALLY good for you and the people you’ve brought in
  • Builds your network and spreads the word on autopilot.
  • Will be included in the commission program!

Ok, that’s all we can say for now. Hope it wasn’t too much of a tease…

Come see us at USI-TECH LIVE to get the rest of the story.

Click here to reserve your seat >>

Best Regards,


Transform you life


News from September 6th

join our facebook group

Are you having trouble figuring out how to purchase your first bitcoin package? Help is at hand. We can help you get started using more directs ways – we can put the packages directly into your account through our back office.

How does it work? Well once you are registered with USI-Tech and part of my team, what you need to do next is join our Facebook group. Once inside, you can reach out to me, Darrell, and request help to purchase packages. We have many ways to solve this with help from either me or our Facebook group team leader, Chase Swift.

One way is you can transfer money via the friends and family option in paypal. Then you can normally get a new package placed inside your account within a day, often within just a few hours. Many members are taking advantage of this because they have difficulty in getting a Bitcoin wallet set up and funded. No problem getting started any more! And you dont want to wait, get started soon. Have you see the latest price of Bitcoin?

Note: Because of demand, this offer is sometimes limited to one or two packs only per member, at one time, depending on availibility of our BTC. Please check with us and we will try our best to accomodate you.


USI-Tech Bitcoin



 News from August 26th  – USA Launch Event- Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

One of the most exciting things announced over the weekend at the USA Launch event in Valley Forge was that USI has signed a contract with an Exchange so that people will be able to and purchase up to $5,000 worth of Bitcoin daily, direct from the back office! This is going to make things super easy for new members to get started quickly. It is another major hurdle overcome, as some new members have struggled to get to grips with having to open a bitcoin wallet, and find somewhere to purchase BTC and then figure how to transfer it. Soon they will be able to purchase Bitcoin from within the backoffice and can learn about setting up a wallet and such things at a later date at their convenience.

Certain to make many existing USITech members happy is the news that they won’t need to purchase an annual Agency License to be qualified to receive commissions from all 12 levels of their downlines.

Additionally –

When you become an affiliate in USI Tech, you will earn 10% on all of your direct referrals’ purchases.

When you have 3 direct referrals in your downline that have a minimum of 12 Active Bitcoin Packages, you will earn 3% from both levels 2 and 3.

The big news – When you have 3 direct referrals who have a minimum of 25 active BTC Packages, you will be qualified to earn on levels 4 to 12!

That is bound to get the heart racing, right?!


Other exciting information that came out of the meeting –

USI now has over 140,000 members worldwide

On average, over 2,000 new members are joining every day.

USI-Tech is currently operating in 60 countries with more to come shortly.

12 people have become millionaires to date with this fantastic opportunity. One hardworking individual has made over 1 million in less than 4 months.

To date, not one single account has lost money in USI Tech, including with the software for the Forex trading side of the business.

The company has sold over $320 million in BTC packages since march.

USI-Tech showed proof that they are fully registered and in compliance with the SEC, the FTC and all United States Laws. They showed all the registration numbers and patents. These will be provided for us very shortly as well.

It was announced that on October 28th at the London event, USI-Tech will be offering a NEW product. One of the company owners, Horst Jicha has said if we thought the BTC packages are good, then this is going to blow our minds.

So stayed tuned for further updates.



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