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setup a blockchain wallet



In this post you will learn all about How To Setup A Free Blockchain Wallet and why it is such a good idea!

So first off, what is a Blockchain wallet?

It is basically like how in the physical world you have a bank where you can store your hard earned money and know it will be there when you need it. For Bitcoin, its a place where you can store them securely online, as in highly securely as you would come to expect from bank. Their motto actually is ‘be your own bank’ and after you learn more about their features, including the security, you will understand why.

There are plenty of places that offer this service, but the Blockchain wallet impresses with the extra safe security measures they have in place. Take no chances with your Bitcoin. They may be valuable now, but how much more valuable are they going to be in five or even ten years time?

At the start of 2017, one bitcoin was worth about $900 US and as of June it is currently over $2700. A threefold increase in six months! Many analysts are predicting it to be in between the $3 – 4000 dollar range by the end of the year. Further longer term predictions by some heavyweights in the finance and trading industries are saying its value will rise to as much as $500,000 within ten years time!

All of this points to the fact that if you have Bitcoin already, or are planning to buy some or make some, then you would be wise to put measures in place to keep them safe.

So you are going to open a ‘digital wallet’ to store your ‘digital currency’ which will be your Bitcoin. Click here to go to and open your free Blockchain account. Opening a Blockchain wallet is comletely 100% free and there aren’t any fees that you need to pay at all, ever.

setting up a blockchain wallet for bitcoin

The video below will walk you through the entire process of how to setup a free blockchain wallet. The most important aspect of it is to SECURE your account. It is imperative that you take the time to properly generate the 12-word passphrase! This becomes your backup method for access into your account. They WILL NOT send you a password reminder if you FORGET YOUR PASSWORD!


You want to be doubly sure you have setup this account by following the steps in the video closely. Make sure that you print out the 12-word passphrase, your email, password and wallet ID before you put any bitcoins in your wallet. It is always a good idea once you have set it up, to log out and and then log in again first to test everything is fine before putting anything in it. Take your time and check everything. You can replay the video if you need to.




The video was made by our team leader Chase Swift. Many of us belong in his top TrafficWave team, TrafficWave For Profit, which you can find out more about on other posts on this site. If you are interested in organising your online business with all the wonderful tools TW has to offer, combined with a great team that shares knowledge and resources and helps one another, it might be for you.

Chase leads us all in making online income through Bitcoin in a wonderful facebook group. In this group you can basically find out anything you could possibly need to know about Bitcoin, whether it’s to do with making, buying, transferring or storing Bitcoin securely. If you have any questions, this would have to be one of the most friendliest and helpful groups around. It’s the perfect place to ask something and get one or two prompt answers from friendly and helpful members, many of whom are already successfully earning BTC.

Some people are a little shy when joining FB groups and thats OK. You dont have to comment at all, you can just come in for free and still access lots of helpful information. Of course there is no reason at all to be shy in asking a question. We are all in the group for the same reasons. I think it would be a little sad to find later that you have missed out on the great Bitcoin opportunity we have today just because you couldn’t ask a question.

Come in and have a look around, read the comments of the group members and you will see for yourself they are really friendly and helpful and it is a great place to be to further your knowledge on BTC which is the most important thing.

You can join the group here by clicking on the banner. If asked who referred you, tell them Darrell.


join our facebook group



Now, after you have successfully learnt how to open a free blockchain wallet and you have safely stored your 12 word passphrase, you can focus on other great things. Your Blockchain wallet becomes central to all that you do in the future regarding earning , growing and storing your Bitcoin. If you buy Bitcoin elsewhere, they may have a wallet facility too, but chances are they will not have the same level of security in place as your Blockchain wallet. So when you make a purchase of some new Bitcoin, dont leave them there. Transfer them into your Blockchain wallet where you know they will remain safe. It only takes a matter of minutes to do and it is something to get in the mindset of.

Today, maybe your Bitcoin is worth perhaps a few hundred or possibly thousand. But in five or ten years time it could be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands and that is not overstating it. It can’t be stressed enough that security has to become a priority in our way of thinking to protect what you could end up having in the not too far distant future.

If you are copying or pasting Bitcoin addresses for sending or receiving BTC in or out of your wallet, be precise with what you do. Get into the habit of practising doing it and always check the start few numbers and letters and end few numbers and letters are the same – 100%! Always check there are no spaces before or after the address. If you send BTC to the wrong address it will be gone for good. You just have to take your time and train yourself to do everything at a pace where you can be doubly sure of no mistakes that will end up costing you bigtime.

Would you like to know how to earn some Bitcoin to start making your wallet look healther?

As mentioned above, there are a group of us lead by Chase Swift and we are all earning daily compounding Bitcoin with a trusted, transparent company that has a successful trading track record for the best part of 10 years now.

That company is USI-Tech, which stands for United Software Intelligence. They have specialised in developing and perfecting ‘a robot’ autotrading software to trade in the Forex, Cryptocurrency and Commodities markets. In the past, these trading tools were primarily reserved for large Banks and Financial corporations who could afford to open an account with a minimum of $100,000. They have now launched a Bitcoin Trading platform that opened up to everyone on March 1st, 2017. This is what we are all excited about and actively involved in building. It is completely FREE to join and check out for yourself.

You can join USI-Tech for free to learn more about it by clicking on the banner

USI Tech Bitcoin


The four owners have over 25 years of combined experience in finance. They are very transparent about who they are, their experience and what they plan for the future. You can easily find information on them through the FB group and by searching online to put your mind at ease with who you are dealing with. They are a trustworthy company with thousands of existing members and are proud of the fact that in their history they have never left a client with a negative account! You can learn more by reading Get Started Earning Compounding Bitcoin Daily With USI-Tech



Four simple steps to earning Bitcoin quickly and safely.

This is what our team follows and also basically passes on to new members

Step 1:

Setup A free Blockchain Wallet – everything revolves around having a secure place to store the Bitcoin you are building

Step 2:

Join the Facebook Group – This makes it so easy! You will find EVERYTHING you need to know here on Bitcoin and the company.

Step 3:

Join USI-Tech – You can join for free and check it out for yourself from the inside out. When you are happy, you can start earning by purchasing you first package(s).

Step 4:

Optional – Promote. We have plenty of tools (landing and capture pages, autoresponder letters, banners etc) and experience in the Facebook group to help you build downlines. You DO NOT have to do this to earn with USI-Tech. However, if you choose to do so, you can considerably increase the speed of earning your BTC through a generous commissions system. You will get spillover members under you as many members are already actively promoting for maximum income. Now IS the best time to promote USI-Tech and get referrals because of the enormous interest being shown in Bitcoin currently and people wanting to know how to earn some legitimately.

Pretty much these four simple steps to earning Bitcoin quickly and safely are what we are passing on to our new members coming into the system. It is the best system I have ever had the good fortune to be in with the returns it can offer us but also in how easy it is to promote. I currently have over 430 in my downline in just over 6 months! There are so many scams and time wasting sites out there that just sap the energy from you (and the money from your account if you are even less fortunate). All we want is something real right? Well this is it, but don’t take my word for it. Do your own due diligence on it and see for yourself that this is a real opportunity for you. Once you are satisfied, and you will be, all you need to do is follow the simple steps above.

If you decide to join with me, you will have access to all the latest promotional tools like splash pages, adcopy for safelists, as well as where the best places are to advertise and build your downline.


So as you can see, opening your Blockchain wallet and getting it all setup safely and securely is extremely important and everything else we are doing falls into place around it. I have repeated the importance of security message a few times throughout this post and I hope it has had the desired effect in helping you remember it. I know of people who have made mistakes and paid the price and don’t wish that to happen to you.

I wish you good fortune in your endeavours and hope to see you in the FB group or in USI-Tech one day. I hope you found this post useful. If you did, perhaps you can let me know on the inside. Cheers.  🙂



Be sure to check out this post. It focusses on USI-Tech Bitcoin trading and how easily you can get involved in earning daily compounding bitcoin. This can either be passively (you buy packages and earn 1% daily for 140 days as well as compounding to earn faster) or proactively (same as before, plus you get all the tools and training to promote and earn substantially more by building a team and earning commissions from their sales ). It is up to you.

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