How to make money with a GDI website

How to make money with a GDI website

How to make money with a GDI website


For so many people these days, the idea of starting their own online business and becoming their own boss is really appealing. But many are not sure how to go about it, and that is understandable as there is a bit to it. Well this is basically a ‘Home Web Business Made Easy‘ article. I will show you how to make money with a GDI website. You can earn multiple ways from promoting the GDI affiliate plan, promoting another online business or product and also from adding advertising such as from amazon or adsense.

There are several types of home businesses. Service businesses, selling products, and web based home businesses, just to name a few. In this article I am going to guide you through the process of starting your own web-based home business. I will try to take some of the mystery out of the process. By following this guideline or overview, you will be up and running in very little time without having to have made a huge investment.

You need to know what your business is going to do. It is good to start out with a basic framework or idea of how you see your website so that you can add to it later quite easily without getting stuck and not knowing what to do next. Will it provide a service? Are you planning to sell products as well? If you plan to provide a service, what type of service will you be providing? In this early stage, I found it beneficial to sit down on the couch with a pad, pen and fresh cup of coffee and take a little time to jot down ideas on how I could build a site that would be attractive to visitors.

If you have had a chance to look around this site, you will see I built it around GDI and TrafficWave. The primary reasons were I could build a website on GDI hosting and make an income which would more than cover the low fee of only $10 a month. I chose to add TrafficWave because it is a great autoresponder service that has a fantastic suite of tools and has a great affiliate plan too. Both of these complement each other well and can essentially provide you with invaluable tools for free, for life, by getting a few people in your downlines!

Recently our team has incorporated the Virtual Wealth System into our own. It meant a few changes in the way we do things, but overall no big drama. When you have your own site, you get to choose and control what you want to present to your visitors.

We have gone with VWS because at its core, it focusses mainly on building 7 reliable, long term programs (25 programs inside  in total). This well thought out system includes both GDI and TrafficWave. So now our members can build downlines in multiple programs that provide multiple streams of income for them. Some of the programs pay instant commission, while others build monthly residual income.

A big advantage with the Virtual Wealth System is that you could effectively just promote one link if you chose to. This could simplify many peoples marketing efforts a lot, especially if they are not particularly experienced. VWS also lets you promote 5 of you own programs internally as well.

Get more referrals with GDI and the Virtual Wealth System

So, you can see from this example, new options open up to you when you have your own site. You have a lot of flexibility in changing things or adapting as and when is needed to suit you best.


With my GDI hosting, I can build up to 5 websites and have them hosted all in the monthly price. They can be on different subjects of course. You can take your time and slowly build them up by adding content and adding value for your visitors. This is something I do with my site. Visitors come to my site usually because it ranks high for certain keywords like these:

how to make money with GDI

ways to make money with GDI

how to build a business online with GDI

Go ahead, try them. Copy one of them, open a private window (so it gives accurate results) and paste it in. Often my pages come in at the top of the results. This is because I have learned quite a bit over time about SEO through building my websites with Global Domains International (GDI). I have tracked over 100 top rankings for my site and I would like to think that a lot of that comes from offering something of value to my visitors. Because of these keywords, I know a lot of my visitors want to learn more about GDI and TrafficWave and also how they can make money online from home. I give them value by presenting information on the companies, how to make a money making website, and also on my experiences.


How a GDI Website works for you infographic



With your own website, you get control of something that puts the power in your hands. I will give you an example of what I mean. Many people have heard of the GDI affiliate plan. Its quite common to come across multiple ads from people promoting it in a short period of time. Its a huge company and has been around for a long time, so of course there will be many affiliates all vying for your attention. The BIG problem most people have, is they don’t (or can’t) get enough people or eyeballs to see their offers. They dont have enough traffic. They don’t have any control.

I know, I promoted the GDI affiliate plan the hard way for a couple of years while at the same time learning SEO and how to build wordpress sites. I clicked my fingers off on traffic exchanges and mailers, earning credits to run a few low percentage ads. Then I saw the light. I found a better and vastly more efficient way of working.

Now, I teach others the value in having your own site. I get them focussing more on this aspect than on the affiliate plan as you will still get referrals coming in naturally in the end. I help new members work at home with GDI by creating a website all of their own. I can even place a duplicated BASIC version of this site on my new downline members GDI hosting for them to get started quickly. From there it is a case of adding additional unique articles, perhaps on other offers or products you also want to promote.

I also can help members learn multiple ways to rank the site and send traffic to it using the power of youtube videos. The latest method I teach takes a month or two to set up, but will provide continous traffic to where you want it to go – forever! Think about that for a moment. Traffic is the lifeblood of all online marketing, everyone needs it. You can set this up for your website and also for anything else you are promoting too. When you have learnt this method once, you have it for life as it won’t change!

With you own website, you can add keyword related articles, full of interesting and useful information that will be very attractive to readers. The search engines know this and as your site rises in the results, more and more visitors will begin to arrive. The traditional way used by many to get referrals to join with you, is by advertising on mailers and traffic exchanges. In my opinion this not the most efficient use of your time. You shouldn’t be working too hard to get traffic to your site, the site should be working for you!

So you build your site around your target business or businesses, in my case GDI and TrafficWave. You then add interesting and helpful content that gives value to your visitors. I cant stress that part enough – giving value to your visitors really is the key. The longer the visitors spend on your site, reading, clicking on your links to other posts etc, it is all measured, the better your site will fare in rankings. As a result, you can expect to get even more visitors. This is how it works.

When you start with GDI,  you will need to choose a domain name. Most people think their company name is the best way to go for a domain name, however, a generic domain name with keywords that are associated to your product or service will serve you much better. You can see for my site that is about making money online and the two companies – GDI and TrafficWave. This was how I came up with my website name –  The ‘itsago’ part is my domain name. While it isn’t always important, It wasn’t for me, you should perhaps give this part some thought.

You also get to have 10 email addresses that will be associated with your domain, so that could have some bearing on what you wish to use, especially if it is for other related business. The generic domain name can help you with search engine traffic and can be more memorable. Example: is a better domain name than, even though ford spent millions to advertise and brand their name.


Other ways of making money with a GDI website

Once you have built your website up to a reasonable level, perhaps around 10 posts at least, you can start to look at other ways on monetizing it. At the start remember you will need to have at least this minimum amount of posts for your site to start to get visitors coming in. You will want your site to look good and load fast but don’t get too stuck on this. What I means is this. It is normal to be a little concerned about the look of your website in the beginning, however that isn’t the most important aspect of your home web business. There’s a saying that goes like this. ‘A beautiful website with no traffic gets uglier by the day. An ugly website with traffic that makes money gets more beautiful by the dollar.’

make money from homeSome of the commonly known advertising networks appeal to some people, such as Adsense or Amazon. The thing I would say about Adsense on your site, is that they have a lot of rules regarding ad placement, how many ads or other ad networks can display at once, and many others that really could cramp your style. They do pay the most but still you may decide they are still not the best option for you. You are advised to read their terms of use thoroughly.

I like to include Amazon ads on my sites as generally it is a problems free experience. A thing to think about when considering putting any advertising on your site is try to match the products to what you generally are promoting in the first place. This is not always going to be perfectly achievable but there are options. My site is based around GDI but how do I find ads that would be suitable? In this case I just include one or two banners to special offers pages on Amazon. These are easy to set up and don’t distract your visitors too much from your site. The main purpose of my site is to promote my core businesses first and the ads are there just as a secondary source of income. I am pleased with how Amazon works though.

Later on, you can look at placing products or services on your site and adding the ability for customers to buy them by paying for it through your home business website. When you are first starting out, PayPal seems like it is a good option. You can get a PayPal account easily. You can create your own buy buttons and insert them into your website with the code they provide without being an html guru. You can even configure shipping costs and everything else through PayPal for free. They charge small percentages per sale, but the services they provide could be worth it. You would have to do your own due-diligence on this and decide for yourself. They have no setup fee or monthly fee like other e-commerce solutions. The only word of caution I would give you is lately Paypal has made rapid changes to their rules and how they operate which has caused some online businesses much inconvenience. Make sure you do your homework before exploring this avenue.

One other good source of income for your website could be by placing strategic placed matching ads from the Clickbank network. Their commissions on sold products are amongst if not the highest in the industry. You can usually find quite a bit of background info on products before selling them too which helps.


What to do next to continue earning online with GDI

When you work from home with GDI, you will always be searching for ways to increase traffic to your site. One possibility at this stage is you can buy Adwords from Google or Bing. They send you traffic from people who search for specific keywords. Be careful about bidding on these though and set your spending limits low until you see which keywords are paying off for you. You will want to do research on this whole process to fully understand it before attempting to do this.

how to make money with a gdi website and web trafficThe better and safer way to get huge traffic is to work with our team. As mentioned earlier, we have proven methods of driving unlimited, free traffic to your pages and offers. We teach this freely to new team members who join us and show that they are serious about doing some basic tasks to get things set up. Once you join with us as a paid member, all of this is FREE!

We can help you through the whole process with your own site and building it out, and then driving the traffic to it to get results. The small outlay you have at the start ($10 monthly for GDI and $17.95 for TrafficWave For Profit) is nothing compared to the value of learning how to benefit from mastering a continuous traffic source! You will recoup your costs in no time. You will also learn many skills that will place you in a very good position not only for future earning online with GDI, but your other businesses too.


If you would like to work at home and learn more from us on how to make money with a gdi website, join us today. You will succeed with the GDI affiliate plan, just not by promoting it so much with the old ways. You WILL learn to leverage multiple ways of earning online with your own website and by driving traffic to it! Working smarter, not harder with your own website is the way to go.


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OR..  just join through the Virtual Wealth System where you can build downlines and multiple streams of income in 7 core programs (25 programs inside in total) including GDI and TrafficWave

How to make money online with GDI and the Virtual Wealth System












How to build a business online with GDI



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