How to build a business online with GDI

how to build a business online with GDI


How to build a business online with GDI (Global Domains International)

Perhaps you have heard of Global Domains International or “GDI” already and you might wish to know a little more about the company. Many people quite possibly know that there is an affiliate plan of some sort with GDI, but may not know much more details than that. It seems like you can’t surf for long anywhere without coming across an ad for it. Well the affiliate plan is actually great, but there is so much more to know about Global Domains International if you want to learn how to build a business online with GDI.

ws domain
GDI are in fact the worldwide Domain name registry for all of the .ws (dot ws) domain names. You may have even come across them in your online travels. When you join GDI, you are actually paying a monthly fee for the hosting of your very own .ws domain which you get to choose the name of with up to five websites included.


As an affiliate promoting the GDI affiliate plan, you are not actually paying any fees to be a part of it. You are automatically qualified as a GDI affiliate by paying for your hosting and domain, so your membership is essentially free.


Once you have signed up with GDI, you will get to the point of choosing your domain name. You should take some time and give this some thought as it can’t be changed later. It is fittingly advertised as your ‘domain name for life’.


Two main ways to make money online with GDI

Fortunately, there are two main ways that you can make money online with GDI. There is the affiliate plan and also having your own website on your .ws domain. Actually there are other lesser known ways too, but for today we will concentrate on these two.

The affiliate plan is a great way for people to make money from home but I want to stress on this post that it is not necessarily the best. Some people just lack the skills, the desire or determination needed to be good at recruiting others. Building a downline can take a while and people these days want to see quicker results.



your own ws website


With GDI, you have a wonderful opportunity that I think is really underestimated by a lot of people. You are able to build your own website or blog, designed exactly however you want. This is the part of the business that is really powerful in the context of you being able to take control of what you put your time and energy into. If you join someone elses program or website, you are bound by their rules or limits on what you can or can’t do.

With you own ‘online real estate’, you can learn as you go, at your own pace, taking your time and building your site as you want. If you don’t like something, you can change it. You have the ability to try or test things out, all the while honing your skills and gaining experience which is invaluable in the grand scheme of things. You have to keep in mind how valuable these skills will be for you later and how they will all pay off for you in the long run.


A couple of ideas for building a business online with GDI

You could choose to build a niche site, based around something you are passionate about or have a little knowledge on. You are then able to display a number of ads from popular advertising networks to monetize your site. Ad networks such as Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon , JvZoo, Propellor Ads or Chitika to name a few. One you have a reasonable amount of content on your site and perhaps have armed yourself with the basics of SEO (search engine optimization – how to get your site to rank better in search results) you shouln’t be far off from being able to make some residual income from those kind of ad networks. They do require you to have certain varying amounts of traffic. You will find more about that in their terms and conditions.

You could do something similar with a blog where you are writing perhaps more frequently and more focused on a topic or on something that is current and of great interest to readers. You can build up a list of subscribers by having interesting content that people want to come back to often. You can then have a form on the site to ask people if they want to subscribe and you will send them an email when there is an update. The people on your list are then people who over time you can build trust with. You could send them something of value, something that helps them like an eBook for example, that was related to the blog content they read earlier. Doing this will give you an opportunity to present them to an offer later where you can earn commissions.

These are just a few basic ways of how to build a business online with GDI and there really are many. I will be covering more of these possibilites in future posts on this site. The point I want to get across here for now is that with your own site and a little knowledge on how to go about building it out, you suddenly will have many more choices available for making money online.


So initially when you sign up, the first 7 days are free. After that period, the cost to continue is an affordable, fixed $10 per month which is very good value for what you are getting. You are paying for the hosting and maintenance of your very own .ws domain and 5 website or blog ‘slots’ or sub-domains  if you like to be more precise. You also get to have up to 10 email addresses which can be very convenient when trying to keep things organized within a small business.


custom email addresses


As mentioned earlier, you can design and use your websites or blogs for whatever you want. A good number of affiliates choose to use their sites to promote GDI and to attract more prospects. But is really is up to you.

GDI has a number of ‘replicated sites’ in the backoffice ( they are ready to go promotional pages, you just send traffic to them ) which you can use to promote the affiliate plan side of things. You choose one of them and send traffic to it via mailer programs and traffic exchanges. This allows you to promote the GDI plan while keeping your other ‘slots’ available to use at your leisure to build blogs or websites as you see fit. This is a way to maximize all that is on offer from your Global Domains membership.

replicated site 2




<   Two examples of the replicated sites. Click on them to open in another tab




replicated site 1




<   They are live, so you can join through them for your Free 7 day trial.




If you have a good look around this site, you will see I have built pages to promote GDI and all the benefits it has. Additionally, I belong to TrafficWave For Profit, which is a very good group to be in that promotes the TrafficWave autoresponder, email marketing services and affiliate plan. These are my two core businesses that provide me with all of the tools I need to build my online business around. Everything else I am involved with fits in around around them.

I also have included other sections, such as making money online for people wishing to find trustworthy ways to make additional income from the comfort of their homes. There is also a training section which is still fairly new, but will over time include more and more training posts, videos and resources that will help my downline members and visitors to the site. I want to give value to others and hopefully in return, I will develop trust and an ongoing relationship with those people whereby they are happy to visit my site regularly. This in turn will help keep the site strong and relevant in the search engines and overall, everyone should be happy.

So my GDI site, and the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last two years is central to what I am building now. Sometimes it hasn’t been easy and it has taken up quite a bit of my time. My downline in the affiliate business is relatively small and that can grow slowly sometimes. It is a little difficult to keep people motivated and actively promoting.

But that is where the website will come in and help. As I write more content and offer value to readers, this site will gain more authority and will attract more visitors naturally. This is my goal. I want my site to do a lot of the work for me in promoting GDI and TW. Given time, it will as long as I am providing useful, interesting and relevant posts that offer value. It is still a young site but is ranking very well already and is getting a lot of visitors each day who are interacting on the site. I can tell this as I have a lot of tracking links setup to so as to analyse and optimize my site further.

I hope you are beginning to see some possibilities for your own site and what you may wish to build in the future. Sure, it may take some time to build, but let me tell, it really is worth it. Don’t be put off thinking how long will it take. Just start the process. Take it step by step. Just as I did. I can honestly say I didn’t know anything about wordpress or how to make a blog or build a website two years ago. When you have an idea of what you want to build or achieve and you get into the mindset of ‘one step at a time’, you will get to where you want to go with a little determination and perserverence.

The GDI system for me has been truly great. I have met a wonderful network of people, some of whom have been very generous in sharing their knowledge and time with me. It has been an affordable way for me to have hosting for a few sites where I could experiment and learn all about building websites in a safe environment and it wouldn’t come back and bite me in any way. I did manage to ‘break’ a site once but the support  team were great and got me back up and running with it fairly quickly. I am smiling thinking about it. Not long after that, I decided to learn about backing up a website – this is a good example of on the job training or learning as you go in a pretty safe environment. No real harm, no damage, but experience gained.


Earning online with GDI through the affiliate plan

As you can probably tell by now, I favor the option of being able to build and host my own websites and monetizing them over the affiliate plan. Don’t get me wrong, I like the plan and am always actively promoting. I just liked the idea of working smarter and as I am not the world’s best recruiter, I knew I was going to need some help. So that is what I have done. I got (or built?) myself some help from the website that I built.

I personally know someone who is doing very well with the affiliate plan and they receive a substantial check every month. They have learned how to build a business online with GDI successfully by also promoting using a combination of their own websites and the GDI replicated sites. GDI does have a number of promotional videos and you can use them to virtually do all the selling for you.


GDI affiliate plan


Basically as an affiliate, there are two different ways of getting paid with them. The first way is you can make money from residual monthly commissions. You get $1 per member that you sign up, and that goes down five levels deep. You might be thinking that it doesn’t sound like a lot. But consider for a moment an example where you sign up five people. That’s $5 a month and then what if those five people also refer five? That’s $25 a month! And so it goes on down for five layers and by the end of your level five, it adds up close to $4,000 per month!

That is a residual income that you are guaranteed to be paid every month. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of people that you can refer, which means that there is no limit on your own income. It on pays five levels deep, but you can certainly go wider than the five shown on level 1 in the chart above. After a while you will be in a position where basically the people in your downline are building for you while they themselves are making money. Maybe at this point, you don’t have to do so much to actively promote, your earnings will run on autopilot.

Now, the second way of making money with GDI affiliate plan is through what they call the weekly bonus program. From Monday through to Sunday every week, if you get five people to sign up, you will receive a $100 bonus! If you are a real go getter and you managed to signup ten people in a week,  you would receive $200…etc! I am sure you get the point.

So with Global Domains International (GDI),  there are some great opportunities for building a home based business and making money online. I certainly wouldn’t  say it is a get rich quick scheme. But from my own experience, I think it has a lot to offer and the income is starting to flow. I feel confident that in the future I will be happy I took the time to learn how to build a business online with GDI and leverage ALL of their services.

In this day and age of financial uncertainty, it is prudent to diversify. GDI is providing me with multiple income streams for the future, but not only that. I also have gained some of the skills that go along way towards being able to adapt and change as is necessary. I can now build another site or blog on other topics or products as I see fit to make money and that is a good feeling to have.


Global Domains International have been doing business since 1999,which is proof that they’re definitely not just some sort of ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ type of company, but a real, legitimate business. Now is as good a time as any to get yourself into this company because there is still so much growth opportunity to take advantage of. That is both with the affiliate program and also with building relevant websites that fill the needs of ever increasing online consumers as we all adapt to a newer and more convenient way of doing thngs.

Work is required to be put in on your part to grow your GDI affiliate or website presence. You will need to either have some know-how about marketing strategies or be prepared to learn them, so as to be able to get people to join your “team” or visit your site. The great thing is this kind of work from home online business is absolutely recession proof. Also, because GDI is a global company with a high profile, you aren’t limited to only signing people up from certain countries, such as U.S. You can sign people up from anywhere and you are able to use all of your social networks to refer people, Facebook, LinkedIn, and also Twitter as well as any other means at your disposal.

For a limited investment of time initially, in return for a longterm residual income from a trusted company, GDI still looks an attractive option to build a business online with for those who aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up.


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