Get Started Earning Compounding Bitcoin Daily With USI-Tech

How to get started earning bitcoin daily with USI-Tech

earn bitcoin 100% automated with USI-Tech


With the recent sharp rise in the price of Bitcoin, it’s no wonder trusted companies like USI-Tech have created a lot of interest for people wanting to make money online. Can you believe around the start of january Bitcoin was around $900 and now, at the start of December, it is up over $11,800! Mindblowing.

With this increased interest in BTC has come scores of shady or scam sites and some very poorly setup sites that you know, just won’t last long at all. It is not always easy for people to find a place where they can see for themselves that it is transparent, has trustworthy owners and has a good management plan and structure in place. USI-Tech is such a company and you will find information to back this up in this post, in our Facebook group ( There is a huge amount of training info and resources there for you, for FREE, as well on the company and owners) and on the other posts on this site. More will be added as it comes to hand.


The main points of interest with USI-Tech

It’s a 100% legitimate 10-year-old company registered in Dubai. (This is nothing like a money game)

making money from home with bitcoinThe owners are very transparent and accessible. You can easily find out about them, their experience and what they do in the company.

The BTC Packages were first introduced on March 1, 2017 (providing a passive income, no recruiting nesessary – its an optional choice for you if you choose to increase your earnings)

There is an average 1% daily payout 5 days per week on BTC packages.

You get paid daily and have the ability to withdraw your earnings at any time you decide to.

You can choose an option to Auto Re-buy to COMPOUND earnings. ( like a set and forget choice)

All profits are earned from Forex and Cryptocurrency trading and mining and are backed up by real proof that anyone can see for themselves. Part of that proof shows they have never had a client left with a negative account.

You can get a 10% commission for your direct referrals and 3% on their referrals too. The system has a 12-level structure, that when fully opened up is very powerful.

It is ony 50 Euros (about $58 USD ) to get started with your first package. Bitcoin or Payza are accepted. You can also choose to buy using your CREDIT CARD if that is more convenient. Check out our post on How and where to buy your bitcoin for more help on this

You have excellent team support from our group including Facebook and Skype. Through these channels, you have access to everything you will need to know about the company and system, as well as what you will need to be fully set up and earning daily Bitcoin.

There are NO ADMIN or MONTHLY fees to worry about at all. It is completely free to join, have a look around the system and decide if it is right for you.

Three Simple Steps To Get Started Earning USI Tech Bitcoin Quickly

Step 1: Watch this detailed overview of the USI Tech Bitcoin opportunity


USI Tech Bitcoin overview video


Step 2: Register for your free account

USI-Tech Bitcoin

Step 3: Join our Facebook Group. Our members find easy to understand, helpful and instructional videos that explain all aspects of USI-Tech, the backoffice and how to get the maximum benefit from everything.  (Note: This is for our downline members only, so please join USI-Tech with the link above first. When joining you will be asked who referred you –> Darrell )


join our USI Tech Bitcoin facebook group



Bitcoin monthly price comparison since the start of 2017

Jan 23 – $912  Feb 23 – $1178  Mar 23 – $1029  Apr 23 – $1248  May 23 – $2314  Jun 23 – $2785   Jul 23 – $2762     Aug 23 – $4141   Sep 23 – $3777    Oct 23 – $5895   Nov 23 – $8173

Many predictions were saying that it will reach between $4 – 5000 dollars by the end of 2017. It already smashed that and is well on its way to $10,000 now, according to many in the know!

Latest Bitcoin price Dec 5th


Screenshot on 6th December

Check out the most up to date price on coindesk here


Many people know about Bitcoin these days and it’s potential for rapid growth in the future, but for many the problem is knowing how to get started with it. First of all, how do you know you have picked a good site to make bitcoin with? A trustworthy site you feel confident with when changing your hard earned dollars into bitcoin and placing it in their hands?

If you look around at the moment, there are a lot of differing sites popping up daily (good and bad), all offering you a way of making money from home with bitcoin. It can get confusing awfully fast, especially if you have not had much experience ‘sorting the wood from the trees in the Bitcoin world’ so to speak. Let me tell you, there are a lot of potentially problematic sites out there, so to cut through all the BS, I would suggest joining with us for free and learning all you can.

This is working for EVERYONE, and you will see proof of this for yourself inside. You will then easily be able to find enough information in our group to know you have found a trustworthy place to deal with and build your Bitcoin longterm. You will find helpful and instructional videos in there that will explain all aspects of the backoffice and how to go about get the maximum benefit from everything.

We have a wealth of resources including capture and landing pages, a full autoresponder letter series and a whole lot more promotional material to kickstart your teambuilding. We are so fortunate to have very experienced marketing people in our group who have provided all of this free of charge for our groups use.

You will learn more about –  who the company are, the four owner’s backgrounds and experience, how the USI-Tech system works, including the Forex and Bitcoin sides of the business which are both optional, How to set up a bitcoin wallet safely and securely and which are the preferred options, where and how to purchase some Bitcoin to start with, How to purchase your first BTC package in USI-Tech, the compensation plan, other ways to earn with USI-Tech – there are a few optional choices for you to choose from and how to promote and build your own large team to secure your income for the future. Plus lots more is added on a daily basis.



It is not really surprising that USI-Tech has become a very popular choice for Bitcoin investors very quickly. They currently have a worldwide membership of over 500,000 in over 70 countries. They stand head and shoulders above many other sites that deal in Bitcoin as they are extremely experienced, having been around trading successfully in the Forex market for about 10 years. They are a registered company in Dubai with the owners being transparent and accessible and it isn’t difficult to find information on them and proof of their experience and results online.

They stand out when you compare them to others in the field and not just because they have a proven track record in making money for their clients, (They are quite proud of the fact that none of their clients has had a negative account with them) but for many overall reasons.


How to make money online with USI-Tech



They started making BTC packages available to their members on March 1, 2017 and this has resulted in an explosion of growth in new members for them.

The BTC packages average 1% daily and can payout 5 days per week. They last for 140 days (5 days a week, monday to friday – so 7 months) and you get back 140%! You get paid daily with them, having the ability to withdraw the earnings at any time.

In the Backoffice area, you have many great options available to you. One of them being the option to auto-rebuy to compound your earnings. This would appeal to many as a way to ‘set and forget’ the system and just check in on it occasionally. (when you feel like a nice surprise to see how much you have earned!).


The Compensation Plan


You can choose just to let the system work for you and be a completely passive earner. You dont have to do anything. The company makes their money from Forex and Cryptocurrency trading as well as from the mining of it too. They are very good at that and their history reflects this. So, option 1, sit back and relax and let your packs do the work.

However, If you decide you want to speed things along, you can choose to promote the system and make extra commissions from bringing in new members – option 2. You receive 10% commissions for everyone you sponsor, down 12 levels (for levels 3 down to 12 there are additional requirements).

This is a very powerful way of adding extra income and it is made easier by the fact the do have some pretty good advertising media to help you do this, such as this splash page (if you haven’t seen it yet and you are already enrolled in the USI-Tech system, copy the link and just insert your own username into it to use it yourself).


earning compounding bitcoin daily with USI-Tech


The other really attractive thing about getting started earning bitcoin with USI-Tech is the fact that to buy one package will only cost you 50 Euros (around $60). You can choose to pay either with Bitcoin if you have it already, Payza, or you can purchase with your credit card. It would have to be one of the most affordable and simplest ways of getting started in Bitcoin on the internet today. Also, there are NO Admin or Monthly Fees like many others are charging. There are NO FEES Period! You gotta love that right


How To Buy Packages with Bitcoin for USI-Tech

Buying the packages is fairly easy. Take your time and follow the video tutorial. Watch it a couple of times until you feel comfortable with what is involved. REMEMBER: You NEED to be 100% accurate when copy and pasting, and ALWAYS check, double check.. and triple check things so you dont make a mistake you regret later. If you send something to the wrong address – it is GONE for good.


How to buy Usi Tech bitcoin packages


Just to recap:

~ 100% legit 10-year-old company registered in Dubai. (this is not a money game)
~ Owners are very transparent and accessible.
~ BTC Package started on March 1, 2017 (passive income, no recruiting)
~ Average 1% Daily payout 5 days per week, until 140% ROC is reached – in about 140 trading days.
~ Get paid Daily with the ability to withdraw your earnings at any time.
~ Option to Auto Re-buy to COMPOUND earnings. (set and forget)
~ Profits earned from Forex and Cryptocurrency trading and mining. (REAL PROOF)
~ 10% commission for your direct referrals. Commissions paid over 12-levels.
~ ONLY 50 Euros ($60 USD) min to get started. (Bitcoin or Payza accepted)
~ You can buy using your CREDIT CARD
~ Excellent team support for our group including Facebook and Skype. We even do Zoom Meetings.
~ NO ADMIN or MONTHLY fees. NO FEES PERIOD! (love it)


I hope you can see just how easy it is to get started and learn how to make money online with USI-Tech. This brief overview / review of it has hopefully interested you enough to take the next step, which is really easy.

1: First, Join for FREE – have a look around inside and get a little acquanted with the backoffice.


get started earning bitcoin today


2: Once you have joined our team through the USI-Tech link above, you can then come and join us in the Facebook Group. Educate yourself about earning with Bitcoin and USI Tech and everything else you would possibly need to know. We can help get you started with your first Bitcoin package very quickly when you are ready. We can even in most cases have your first BTC package placed within your account within a few short hours of signing up! Ask us how.  🙂

join our USI Tech Bitcoin facebook group

Remember: You will be asked who invited you to our group, so tell them you were referred by  –> Darrell


Bitcoin is the future of money. Come and join with us and learn more



Have you opened a Blockchain wallet yet? A ‘wallet’ in online speak, is a secure place where you can store your Bitcoin. Kind of like having your own bank for your BTC. The Blockchain wallet is what we reccommend – it has very high security. In the future, your bitcoin will be worth a huge amount, with many experts predicting it could be worth as much as $500,000 for one Bitcoin within 10 years!

Check out our post on How To Setup A free Blockchain Wallet and then you will be all set.





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